Kelly Couturier

Certified Yoga Therapist



Photo by Jose R. Lopez

Yoga Therapy:
Body-Mind Healing Tailored to You

     Yoga, often thought of as a form of physical exercise, is much more than that. It's a natural holistic practice, based on thousands of years of experience, that uses the body to help heal the mind and the mind to help heal the body

     Certified yoga therapists have specialized education in anatomy, physiology, and common musculoskeletal conditions and mental health ailments. They use various yoga practices, including movement, breathwork and meditation, to offer their clients an individualized, empowering and transformational approach to health care

     A growing body of research shows that yoga therapy can help relieve pain and other symptoms of many health conditions, including:



  • low back pain                   

  • anxiety

  • arthritis                             

  • stroke recovery

  • osteoporosis                     

  • trauma

  • depression

  • cancer                               

  • traumatic brain injury                       

  • diabetes                           

  • multiple sclerosis

  • heart disease

  • insomnia                    

  • fibromyalgia             

  • substance use disorder     

  • Parkinson's disease

  • migraines                         

Yoga at Home

What to expect in your first yoga therapy session.

Whether in-person or virtual, our work together

  • begins with an assessment of your health concerns and goals.

  • Based on the assessment, I will guide you through individualized yoga movement, breathing techniques, guided relaxation, and healing meditation. 

  • We will adapt and build upon  previous sessions as we progress.


The idea is to explore and discover what YOGA PRACTICES work Best for you.


The Client Experience


 "I appreciate Kelly's attention to those with health issues or limitations. Since attending sessions with Kelly these past couple of months my energy is more vibrant. I have less tension in my body and I have gained an increase in flexibility and movement. 

Adrienne C.


Working with Kelly, I've realized just how valuable even a very short session can be. Even 15 minutes of yoga with her helps me center my attention on my body and work through problem areas. I find it amazing how, with her coaching, in a few short minutes I can release so much tension and gain a sense of relaxed fluidity.

Nicole W.



Yoga with Kelly has brought me a lot of peace during the confinement. She has adapted our sessions to suit my needs weekly, and helped me to find strength in my body and mind. 

Leah R.

My Story


    Years ago, I stepped into a yoga class feeling weary and  stressed and ready to try anything. I left that class with a sense of calm and well-being I had not felt in a long time. I have been captivated by yoga and its ability to transform lives ever since. 

    I became a yoga teacher in 2008 and  began teaching in 2010. I wrote a guide to yoga for The New York Times, where I worked as an editor for many years and where I still teach yoga and meditation classes. Eventually I left journalism to pursue a master of science degree in clinical yoga therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health. I got that degree and now work as a yoga therapist in hospital and private settings.

     When I am helping clients discover the lasting and profound benefits of yoga, I feel  I approach what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls the flow state — a place of incredible focus and clarity, where my work aligns with my values and sense of purpose and there is no time but the present. 

Five-Minute Calming Breath Practice


Try my five-minute breathing video for releasing tension and stress.


Book a Session 

$120 for initial intake session and $100 per private yoga therapy session after that. Via Zoom, or in person.
Please contact me via the booking request form for details and pricing. Fees will be based on size of group and length of session.
Yoga/Meditation Class
Tuesday: 6 pm EST 
This class is taught via Zoom. Please use the booking request form on this page to register for class. The Zoom link will be sent to participants a few minutes prior to class.

$14 per class; $60 for a five-class package; $120 for a 10-class package

Payable via Venmo


More Info and Booking

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Before booking, please confirm with your physician that yoga is safe and appropriate for you.​


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